Altın Nesil

Association "Altın Nesil" was founded in 2004. There are many volunteers who work for the association without getting money. Among the volunteers, there are teachers and businessmen. Since the foundation this association work for the favour of the public. The town in which the association is located, has a growing population. This causes problems in finding jobs, being integrated into social life for new comers, finding qualified workers for the employers. For that reason the town needs volunteer help in solving these problems. 

At that time, Altın Nesil started its activities for helping the people and easing the life for the people who need support.


There are various activities of our association has done: private courses for the primary school students who would take the SBS exam (the test for high schools), providing economic support for the poor people by selling the food, clothes which are made by the volunteers and giving seninaars to people about some subjects that people are neeeded This project is an opportunity for helping the people who are unemployed and jobless; so, this project exactly suits to our aim which aid to people in need. Because the biggest problem is economic troubles that people have to live with and the main reason behind this problem is finding a job.

This project help these people in getting an appropriate job according their skills and education by using the most important communication tool of our era, internet. People will be able to search for jobs via our web site which will include the data of the employers and the employees.


Merkez Mah.  Cumhuriyet cad. aydın sok  No:12/1
Contact person: Nuri KiliÇ
phone: +0904546115597
mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung - Association for Vocational Training

Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung Pty. Ltd. (gbb) is a company for commercial education and has been founded in 1993. The company is a state recognised, private and non-profit organisation. The main aim is to provide vocational training for disadvantaged young people and jobless adults in different occupational fields. There is a special focus on special target groups like migrants, long term unemployed, women after maternal leave and elderly people (50plus). Currently there are four training centres in operation. They are located in the western part of Germany in the townships of Solingen, Remscheid, Cologne and Leverkusen, where more than 500 students are trained annually. 

Currently more than 120 full-time teachers, trainers and social workers are employed.

gbb is working in a region which is characterised by a fast structural change in the economy: away from technical or industrial production in small metal processing enterprises, towards companies providing services. The change goes along with an above average percentage of unemployment. This development especially affects people disadvantaged by the employment market. Thus, gbb particularly offers training courses to learners with special needs such as school leavers, permanently unemployed persons, women who want to return to their jobs following a period of unemployment and people with migration background and lack of adequate German language skills.

There is a long-standing experience in co-operation with schools and vocational training centres internationally and particularly in Europe. In previous years gbb took part in European initiatives and mobility programmes in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme (Socrates, Leonardo, Grundtvig).



Gesellschaft für berufliche
Bildung Goerdelerstr. 47
42651 Solingen
Contact person: Alfons Müller
phone: +49-212-2229435
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Jaitek - Technology and Training




Jaitek Technology and Training, is a company formed by a group of professionals from various fields (telecommunications, education, psychology), dedicated to developing programs on the use and application of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in the Education, training and

Jaitek aims to answer two fundamental needs of educational institutions and businesses. On the one hand, the development of technical skills that enable them to compete in an increasingly global world. Furthermore, the preparation and adaptation to technological, social and cultural changes.

Jaitek designs training plans tailored made to the needs of each company , organization or educational institution.

We are specialists in lifelong training. We deal with both the content and the method. We believe in the importance of how we learn and the impact that learning provoques on the daily tasks of our customers.

Learning by doing, collaborative working and discussing practical situations are the methodological key of our training proposal.

The solutions are varied and perfectly combinable: classroom courses, distance learning, e-learning, long-term plans of several contents to train professionals in different areas, specific training activities, ...




c/ Limonero 18
28020 Madrid
Contact person: Mariano Sanz Prieto
phone: +34-917873964
mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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