Outcome 5. Meeting evaluation reports (MER)

All the project meetings had afterwards a Meeting Evaluation Report (MER).

This MER has information about:

  • People attending the meeting
  • Minutes of the meeting
  • Project progress and course of activities
  • Outcomes status
  • Impact of the project
  • Changes in the plan
  • Mobilities
  • Dissemination
  • Evaluation of project by partners

All the MERs for each meeting can be downloaded from here


1st Transnational Conference, Giresun TURKEY. November 9th – 13th 2011

 MER 1st Integrate4Job Meeting
2nd Transnational Conference, Solingen / Germany March 21st - 24th, 2012
    MER 2nd Integrate4Job Meeting
3rd Transnational Conference, Madrid Spain June 13th – 15th 2012
  MER 3rd Integrate4Job Meeting  

4th Transnational Conference, Köln / Germany December 6th - 7th, 2012

    MER 4th Integrate4Job Meeting

5th Transnational Conference, Madrid Spain April 3rd – 5th 2013

  MER 5th Integrate4Job Meeting and Annex1


6th Transnational Conference, Giresun/Turkey June 24th – 25th 2013

    MER 6th Integrate4Job Meeting
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